Military Divorce

All divorces are hard, but a divorce involving one or more military service members can be different from a civilian marriage dissolution in several important ways. If you or your spouse is in the military and you need the advice of a family law attorney, it is essential to get help from an attorney with the right experience.

We Understand Your Sacrifice

The Fredericksburg military divorce attorneys of White Stevens Perry LLC understand the differences between military and civilian family law cases. We understand the unique stresses faced by active-duty service members and their families. We understand military pensions and benefits, as well as property division in general. We understand your sacrifice.

We can help you find answers to critical questions like:

  • How long will a divorce take?
  • Is there an alternative to divorce? Is reconciliation possible in my case? What about legal separation?
  • Can I get divorced while I am deployed?
  • What if my spouse was cheating on me?
  • Will I have fair custody arrangement?
  • How will a relocation affect child custody?
  • Will I pay or receive child support?
  • Will my spouse get my benefits, or part of my benefits?
  • Does the "10-10" or "20-20" rule apply to me?
  • How do I change custody or support orders if my situation changes?

Our attorneys have handled many divorce matters involving armed forces personnel in various roles, protecting the rights of our clients and facilitating good outcomes for their children. In addition, one of our lawyers is a military veteran with active-duty experience.

Contact Us

We serve service members and their spouses who are based in Stafford County, located elsewhere in Virginia and even deployed overseas. When face-to-face meetings are not possible, our lawyers are able to meet with clients via Skype, FaceTime, telephone and other means. Contact us to discuss your case.