Altering Your Divorce Order Through The Legal System

Throughout the divorce proceeding, a couple must come to compromise on numerous issues such as child support, spousal support and child custody. In the years following the divorce, however, the factors that led to the dispute resolution could see significant change. If you feel the terms of your divorce order no longer accurately reflect your resources, look to a skilled attorney to guide you through the modification process.

It would be unreasonable to believe that a divorce order could withstand significant financial changes in the years following the dissolution of a marriage. Job loss, reduction in hours and medical emergencies are some of the situations that could dramatically impact an individual's finances. At White Stevens Perry LLC, we understand that changes can become necessary. We have extensive family law experience, and can clearly explain the legal process to our Fredericksburg clients.

Guiding Virginia Clients Through The Legal Process

While nearly every aspect of a divorce order can be modified, people are typically concerned about the alteration of support payments. During divorce mediations, support payment amounts are determined based largely on each individual's earning potential. When this income potential sees a significant change, the agreed-upon payment might seem heavily skewed in one direction or another. Our lawyers can provide the legal guidance you need.

If circumstances have changed, we encourage you to contact an attorney rather than attempting to resolve the matter with your ex-spouse. While a phone call and verbal agreement might seem like the swiftest, most efficient way to resolve the matter, these discussions are not legally binding. Even if your ex-spouse agrees to make a change today, in the future he or she might decide that the change is no longer in his or her best interests.

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