Attorneys Guiding Clients Through Prenuptial Agreements

Historically, prenuptial agreements were seen in a negative light. In recent years, however, these marital documents have come to be seen as the helpful organizational tools that they were always intended to be. If you are curious about the benefits of a prenuptial agreement, schedule a consultation with our firm today.

At White Stevens Perry LLC, we have extensive experience guiding our Virginia clients through the full range of family law matters. Headquartered in Fredericksburg, we are prepared to offer exemplary service across the entire state. We understand that preparing for a marriage can quickly overwhelm both parties. Our lawyers believe, however, that taking the time to develop a premarital agreement can help avoid heated debates in the future.

What Is The Purpose Of A Prenuptial Agreement?

Some individuals mistakenly think that, once married, all property becomes shared. This is not true. Property or money that you enter a marriage with is typically considered a non-marital asset. Essentially, this means that these assets remain solely yours throughout the marriage or after the marriage dissolves. A prenuptial agreement helps couples keep these assets separate and clearly defined. A Stafford County family law attorney can tailor an agreement to cover your unique needs.

What If We Are Already Married?

While a prenuptial agreement can only be written prior to a marriage, a postnuptial agreement can be drafted and updated at any time after the marriage. The postnuptial agreement serves much the same purpose as it is a tool to keep marital and non-marital assets separate. Additionally, couples can use this document to specify support, custody or property division plans.

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