The Financial Protection You Need In Spousal Support

When facing a divorce, you should not underestimate the importance of spousal support. Whether you are the moneyed spouse or the one in position to receive support, working with an inexperienced lawyer or handling your spousal support matters on your own presents a significant financial risk.

At White Stevens Perry LLC, our Fredericksburg spousal support attorneys serve Stafford County, Virginia, clients in a range of family law and divorce matters. In addition to the individual, personally tailored service we provide our clients, we fight aggressively in spousal support matters to get our clients the best results possible.

Protecting Your Rights ∙ Maximizing Your Support Determination

Spousal support (often called alimony) in Virginia involves the state's spousal support guidelines. These guidelines make it relatively simple to work with a client's financial records to determine a range within which the court will make the spousal support order.

Although the guidelines provide the general framework, there are situations that call for deviations. Depending on the circumstances, we can help you petition the court for a deviation from the support guidelines, either higher or lower. Especially in situations involving adultery, a severe differential between each party's earning capacity or other significant issues, the court is often willing to deviate from the state's guidelines.

At White Stevens Perry LLC, we do two things that are essential for our clients. First, we take our clients' cases personally. Rather than the 30-minute consultation most firms offer, we routinely meet for a two-hour consultation with new clients to learn about their situations and build a strong foundation. Second, we are flexible with our representation. We can help you come to a favorable support agreement or, if negotiating a settlement is reasonable, we will fight aggressively for your interests in litigation.

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