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When dealing with school boards on behalf of their children, most parents do not have a full understanding of their legal rights. In most cases, they don't realize how serious the problem is and they do not contact a lawyer until the problem has escalated.

If you or your child is dealing with problems involving the school system — whether they are disciplinary actions or difficulties receiving accommodations for special needs — it is important to work with an experienced attorney right away. At White Stevens Perry LLC, we represent clients throughout the Fredericksburg area of Virginia in a range of education law matters.

Special Education And Accommodations

We represent clients in special needs matters with the school board involving:

  • Individualized Education Plans: An Individualized Education Plan (or IEP) is a plan set up for a child with special needs to receive full access to the educational resources needed. There is a lengthy process involved with qualifying for an IEP, and not every child is eligible. Even if a child is determined to have a qualifying disability, a school might determine that these disabilities do not keep the child from access to education.
  • 504 plans: 504 plans are an alternative available to help children who have full capacity to receive an education. There are hearings and meetings involved with a 504 plan to determine whether the child is eligible and what accommodations might be made.

In most special education cases, there is a significant gap between what the parents see as needs for their children and what the school is willing to provide, and the Supreme Court has not made the requirements on the schools entirely clear. Attorney Kevin Lee Perry has a wealth of experience working with schools to help children get the accommodations they need.

Disciplinary Hearings

We also represent clients in disciplinary hearings at the high school and college levels. A disciplinary hearing, when not handled properly could lead to suspension or expulsion, which could have a negative impact on your child's future career prospects. We protect clients' rights in disciplinary hearings and help them negotiate alternative forms of discipline that will protect their futures.

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